Friday, August 28, 2009

Pasta and Pesto

My husband and I recently took a trip to Maine. It was my first time there, and I loved it. We stayed in Portland, an old town right on the Atlantic Ocean. The old downtown area right by the water embraces its historical charm, and its wood-and-brick buildings hold funky shops and trendy eateries.

On our first day there, we ate at the cutest little Italian restaurant called Paciarino. Inside it was furnished simply, its brick walls painted a buttery yellow. The best part was these hanging lights over the bar with shades made of metal colanders! Aren't they cute?

Our food was good, too.

They started us out with hunks of crusty bread accompanied by three types of tomato sauce for dipping. I think one was tuna sauce, one regular and one spicy.

Then we got our pasta, which is their specialty. All the pasta there is handmade and fresh. I had pesto ravioli, and it was yummy.

I love pesto, and I think I'll have to try making this at home. Do you have a good homemade pasta recipe?

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  1. I love the colander lights! i sense a craft project coming on!
    When we were kids and went camping, we used to have a light that was made out of a plastic flowerpot and lite-brites. We bought it from a retiree who made them at his campsite and sold them to the other campers. It was a white flowerpout, hung upside-down, and he drilled little holes into it and inserted the lite-brites into the holes in various patterns. It didn't look like much in the daytime, but at night....beautiful!